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Hitting the middle point of the Timpoochee trail, you'll arrive in Grayton Beach. Grayton is the locals favorite. Tucked between shaded magnolias and untouched sand dunes, Grayton Beach is consistently ranked one of the top beach destinations in the US. With tons of bike trails and Grayton Beach State Park, you could spend an entire day exploring.

What to make sure to do while here

So much to do! If you're not entirely full yet, we recommend stopping by the Nanbu Noodle Bar and repeating these 4 words - Pork Belly Steamed Buns. You're welcome!!! If at this point you feel you need to get your body moving, check to see if the Grayton Volleyball group is playing and jump in to a pickup game! This local group sets up multiple times a week and welcomes all players. Grayton is also home to the iconic Red Bar and the locals favorite Chirigno.

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Grayton Beach Volleyball -


Q. Can I have electric bikes delivered to Grayton Beach?

- A. Yes, we deliver and pick-up e-bikes to Grayton Beach.

Q. Where is Grayton Beach?

- A. This beautiful beach is located on Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast halfway between Destin and Panama City.

Q. How did Grayton Beach get its name?

- A. The beach is named after US Army Major Charles T. Gray who built his homestead here in 1885.

Q. How is the actual beach itself?

- A. In 2020 Grayton Beach was named #1 by 'Dr. Beach' in his annual ranking of 'America's Best Beaches'.