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Topsail Hill Preserve State Park by Electric Bike

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Topsail Preserve Electric Bike Rentals

Topsail State Preserve by Bike

Starting off your journey at Mile 1, you’ll encounter Topsail State Park. For just a $2 fee per person or $6 a vehicle, we highly recommend exploring Topsail State Preserve as it provides miles of paved bike trails and wonderful views of rare coastal dune lakes and untamed state forests. If you time your ride just right, you can end up at the boardwalk that climbs over giant sand dunes and provides an almost perfect vista for one of the best sunsets on 30A.

What to see at Topsail State Preserve

Make sure to stop and read the informational signs about the unique local ecosystem. Also make sure to spend some time exploring the back of one our rare coastal dune lakes. Coastal dune lakes can only be found in 4 places in the world - Australia, New Zealand, Oregon and here in Walton County.

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Q. What kind of activities does the park offer?

- A. Of course, bicycling and we suggest our e-bikes. Visitors to the park also enjoy birding, fishing, geo-seeking, hiking, paddling, picnicking, swimming, and tours.

Q. What are some of Amenities at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park?

- A. Amphitheater, Beach, Cabins, Campgrounds, Canoe Kayak Launch, Concession and Restaurant, Interpretive Exhibit, Laundry, Picnic Pavilion and Restrooms.

Q. Is Topsail Hill Preserve easy to access?

- A. There are two main entrances to the park off U.S.Hwy 98.