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Seagrove Beach / Deer Lake by Electric Bike

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Seagrove Beach / Deer Lake Electric Bike Rentals

Seagrove Beach / Deer Lake by Bike

Old Seagrove Beach has some of the best beach accesses to visit along your ride. We recommend stopping at mile marker, parking and exploring these beautiful beach access that sit on the bluffs of Seagrove. Then make your way to Deer Lake State Park.

What to make sure to do while in Seagrove Beach / Deer Lake

Deer Lake is without question our favorite beach access on 30A. The Deer Lake beach access (currently closed until 2022 spans almost ¼ mile over untouched and undeveloped dunes providing walkers with unobstructed views of untamed dunes and lakes for miles. We HIGHLY recommend visitors take their bikes here, park at the beach trail entrance and go experience Old Florida and all of it's natural beauty.

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Q. Can I have electric bikes delivered to Rosemary Beach?

- A. Yes, we deliver and pick-up e-bikes to Rosemary Beach.

Q. Is Seagrove Beach a good destination for a family with kids?

- A. With plenty of shady nooks, beautiful stretches of sun-soaked beach, and lots of fun to go around, Seagrove is the perfect beach community for families looking for a classic Florida vacation vibe.

Q. How did Seagrove Beach get its name?

- A. Seagrove Beach is named for the thick grove of windswept trees that surrounds it.

Q. Does Seagrove Beach have public access?

- A. There are 20 public beach accesses available for use in Seagrove Beach.